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Lock in Your Supply of Fresh Maitake QOL Extract

You need the freshest active ingredients, so we are kicking off the new year with brand new stock.

The number of boxes is limited.

To make sure that you secure your early 2014 Maitake QOL Extract supply, new stock reservations are now open.

Make your No-Risk reservation now by simply emailing the number of boxes you want us to hold for you.

Just send an email to with your name and number of boxes you would like to reserve. And we will get back to you to confirm.

Or leave a voicemail message at 1-800-497-4974  (toll free)

And your boxes will be put aside safely, so they are not taken by someone else when ordering opens up.

Why Maitake QOL Extract?

  • Contains authentic patent 5,854,404 Maitake Extract. So purity, concentration, and quality are guaranteed.
  • The ONLY product formulated to provide the daily optimal dose, established in American clinical trials (at Memorial Sloan Kettering) 
  • Lowest price per milligram of this patented extract available, since we buy direct from the only maker in the world.patent 5 854 404 maitake extract


Bruce and wife Kaori at the park in spring cherry blossom time

Bruce and wife Kaori at the park in spring cherry blossom time

This product is made by a family struggling with life threatening illness. So we are strongly client sided in our thinking and business practice.

 Maitake QOL Extract was made because science has proven the effective dose of this extract. Yet no supplement company was willing to supply the correct dose, due the high cost of the active ingredients.

The profit margin is just too small for any big supplement company to bother with.

There are people who absolutely need the correct dose. But can’t find it.

Knowing this fact, we made Maitake QOL Extract for everyone who actually wants the right dose, without an inflated price. This was made for you.

And we understand first hand, that ongoing supplement costs are difficult for most families to endure. Especially when a member of the family is physically not able to work due to a difficult physical condition.

That’s why we found a way to offer it at the lowest possible price. By purchasing directly from the producer, when others are buying through middlemen. And operating an ultra light company structure through the internet, with very few expenses.

So if you somehow found us, thank you so much for your deep searching. Please join our community of individuals and families doing their best to get through some of life’s biggest challenges. 


We wish you a strong and healing 2014 !


Bruce Muir


QOL Nutraceuticals Inc.

Higashiyodogawa-ku, Shimoshinjo 4-17-29 #303, Osaka city, Japan

voicemail 1-800-497-4974



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